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The Wiener Dog Family in German Town

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Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. I love cold, crisp days and the color changing foliage. I love staying warm inside and crafting, as the days turn from windy to wintery outside my window. This year my family decided to take our two wiener dogs on a short road trip to the charming little town of Leavenworth, which is a Bavarian inspired village nestled in the Cascade mountains of Washington state.

The day we set off was unusually bright and sunny, despite the weather being the typical rain the day before. We piled our luggage and our overly adrenalized dogs into the car, excited for our mini adventure. The ride was quickly marred by Haru throwing up, but our moods brightened as we saw the spectacular views of Eastern Washington.

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A couple doggy retches and a dozen shutter snaps later, we entered the picturesque German town, as if we’d stumbled upon a fairy tale land. The town was adorable, but what struck me most was the attention to the architectural details.

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We stopped for lunch at an outdoor patio restaurant called Munchen Haus for (what else?), hot dogs; which represent our dogs. Dachshunds were originally bred in Germany,so it was fitted that our own wiener dogs were in Leavenworth, and we were chowing some frankfurters. Our dogs gained quite some attention from other visitors as well, among them a young boy delightedly calling them “sausage dogs”.

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The biggest surprise of the trip was our encounter with four deer crossing the road. Being down to the bone city folk, the sight gave us quite the scare. I marveled as my husband hit the brakes and my daughter hurriedly took some pictures.

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Our day came to a close with a hearty meal and the night in, at our log cabin style hotel room.

While Leavenworth may not be a place that I will be able to visit often, the little trip showed how nice a short, relaxing getaway can be, especially when the holiday season is in full swing.

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