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Shall We Have GreenTea and Dango?



It’s 3 o’clock and tea time!  Shall we have a cup of green tea and dango? Dango is a Japanese sweet dumpling made from mochiko (rice flour).  It tastes like mochi but is not as sticky and pairs perfectly with green tea.  The flavor in the picture above is called “mitarashi dango” and is covered with a sauce made from soy sauce and sugar.  Another kind is with sweet red bean paste.  This time we tried making dango with a healthy alternative ingredient; tofu!

The recipe is very simple.  First we made the dough by mixing rice flour and soft tofu.

DSC_0500             DSC_0502

Next, we made small balls and boiled them for about 5 minutes.

DSC_0512            DSC_0524

Then we put the dango on skewers and served them with sweet sauce or red bean paste.DSC_0532

The completed dango was sweet and sticky and created a perfect harmony with the slight bitterness of the green tea.  Enjoy and have a wonderful afternoon tea!





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