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Patterned Triangle Pouch

pouch 7

When my friend went to Japan for 3 weeks to spend time with her family, she brought back an adorable little gift for me.  It was a small package containing fabric and instructions for making a small triangle shaped pouch.  The pouch I made was very tiny (about 1 1/2 inches long on each side) and I could put only about 2 or 3 hard candies in it.

Here is the picture of the package and how the finished pouch would look. It was created by Komihinata san who is a very popular Japanese crafting blogger.

pouch 1

I saw similar shaped pouches in other crafting books, but I loved the way that Komihinata san matched  2 or 3 different kinds of complementing fabrics. Inspired by her designs, I made my own triangle shaped pouch; a little bigger and  with different type of fabrics.

pouch 4

In my head, I easily envisioned the different pouches I would make, with designs like polka dots, plaids, and stripes. Instead, I fell in love this herb design and blue bird designed fabrics.

pouch 5              pouch 3

Inside, I used the same green color plaid fabric as the herbs and the same blue color polka dots as the blue birds.  After a couple mistakes, I had successfully created my herb and blue bird design pouches!

pouch 6

pouch 2



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