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Sakura’s Chibi Pumpkin Pies

Chibi Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving in our family is mainly comprised of a big dinner, and a football marathon. However, as my daughter has recently been very into baking, the Thanksgiving dessert has become very important as well. Pumpkin pie is a classic, and this year we decided to make the traditional dessert, but instead of making one big pie, we made small, (or ‘chibi’ in Japanese), pumpkin tarts.

DSC_0726              haru pumpkin pie

As the whole family was milling around the kitchen baking and eating, our dogs; especially Haru, were very curious! She jumped up onto the stool, hoping to get a little treat.

DSC_0755            DSC_0766

Instead of using a pie tin, we cut our (store bought) pie crust into circles using a fluted tart holder, and pushed them into a muffin tin. As we ladled the pumpkin pie filling in, all I could really think was how much the pies resembled little sunflowers.


The little pies came out of the oven with a beautifully decadent pumpkin scent. A dollop of whipped cream finished off our ensemble, and our desserts were done.

Today’s baking has become another wonderful memory that I have made with my family.  You can find the recipe for these mini pumpkin pies here: and I hope you all have a spectacular Thanksgiving!





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