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Pizza & Coffee on a Rainy Day


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Exploring the city is one of my favorite things to do, and I had heard of a new pizza place that had recently opened. It was located in the old part of downtown where there are many brick buildings with unique architectural features. I went to the restaurant shortly after noon to avoid the crowds and so I could stay longer to enjoy the pizza and the interior of the restaurant.

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The pizza was sold by weight, so we could specify how much we wanted. I actually quite liked this way of ordering because I was able to try small pieces of many different types of pizza. I had three kinds of pizza; caramelized onion with shallots, sweet potato with pancetta, and goat cheese with pear.  The dough was thin and crispy, and I liked the one with caramelized onion and shallots the most.

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After a satisfying meal, I took a walk to enjoy the neighborhood with its Christmas décor and cloudy weather.  There are many pretty shops and boutiques in the area and I stumbled upon an adorable shop by chance.  The name was The London Plane and the inside consisted of a restaurant with an open kitchen, a flower stand, and a gift shop. The outside of the window was decorated with a wreath and a garland.

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By the time I left downtown and walked up the hill, it had started raining steadily but I still had one more place that I wanted to check out; Starbucks!  But instead of the conventional Starbucks, it is a new “Tasting Room” where we can observe the roasting and brewing methods.  The venue used to be an art supply store but it was remodeled and transformed into a beautiful coffee tasting room.  The prices are slightly higher, but they are well worth it. I had a cup of coffee.  The blend I had was “Pantheon” and was described as a lemon, dark chocolate and sweet brown-sugar note.  The Starbucks was crowded, but I found a cozy couch and enjoyed my coffee and cupcake.

The day was gray and rainy, but that hadn’t stopped me from discovering a multitude of new places to shop and eat!

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