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One Sunday Morning


The middle of January in Seattle is typically wet and windy. However, when I woke up one Sunday morning, there was only a little fog that quickly cleared to reveal warm, and sunny weather.  My family took our dogs, Cocoa and Haru and went to a dog park.  The park we went to has a trail that leads to a lake and has a big off leash area.

image  image

Cocoa who is easy going didn’t seem to mind the other dogs, as he relaxed and enjoyed walking in the sun.  On the other hand, Haru who is shy and sensitive seemed to be nervous.

image image

Stay there, Cocoa!  We’re taking a picture!

After a while Haru seemed to relax and started running around.  She even said “hello” to another wiener dog!

image image


The morning the air was still crisp but it was sunny and we could see Mt. Rainier peeking out behind the clouds.


After the visit to the dog park, we stopped by one of our favorite bakeries, Bakery Nouveau, to grab lunch.  We picked a tuna sandwich on a croissant, a ratatouille sandwich, and an apricot and pear tart for dessert.


Inside the sandwich was tuna, olives, capers, tomatoes, and some kinds of herbs.  It was very delicious with the buttery croissant.


This ratatouille is one of my favorites from this bakery.  There are layers of sliced eggplants, peppers, zucchinis, and cheese!


The crust of the tart was just perfect; not too sweet and not too hard.  The sweetness of the apricot and jelly matched the crushed almonds.

Going to the dog park and grabbing lunch at one of my favorite bakeries made for one fine Sunday. I felt grateful for my family, good food, and sunshine!



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