Happy Birthday, Cocoa!


Cocoa turned eight today!  He was a very cute puppy, but a very naughty puppy as well.  Cocoa destroyed several electrical cords, several pairs of shoes,  and my daughter’s toys.  While he was playing with my husband’s sweatshirt, he even ended up stuck in the sleeve.


Cocoa loves to snuggle in clothes just out of the dryer, sleep by the heater, and sit on my husband’s lap. But most of all he loves his squeaky toys!  He plays and plays with them until they are broken and no sound comes out at all.

image  image

When baby Haru came, Cocoa was a very good big brother and tolerated her, even when she played with his toys and woke him up at night. He even protects her outside.

image   image

Cocoa’s once beautiful black and tan colors are now speckled with gray and his soft fur has hardened a bit, but Cocoa is still a beautiful dog, inside and out.  We love you, Cocoa and Happy birthday!

image  image

image  image

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