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Home Again – Vol. 2 Visiting Kyoto


Kyoto is a very old and historical city in Japan and there are many famous temples and old buildings.  Many tourists from all over the world go to Kyoto every year. We visited Kyoto because it was only 50 minutes by train from my home town, and my daughter had never been.


The visit to Kyoto was surreal. I enjoyed seeing the temples and old architectural features.  There were many small gift shops selling sense (folding fan), coin cases with metal frames and special fabrics.  Looking at those helped inspire me for my own crafts. We also enjoyed the foods in Kyoto.  We had soba which is the soup noodles with shrimp tempura for lunch.  For dessert, we had a bowl of jello, mochi, fruits with sweet red bean paste.  And my daughter even dressed up as a Maiko (for picture purposes only) which is an apprentice of Geiko (entertainer with dance and song).


Here is a gallery of some of the photos taken in Kyoto.






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