Home Again – Vol. 3 Pretty Zakka



While I stayed in Japan, I visited many stores that sell “zakka”.  “Zakka” are small household and interior design items in categories such as  the kitchen, bathroom, stationary,  crafts, fashion, etc.  They are all so pretty, of good quality and design, and very functional.  Just looking at them makes me happy and always inspires my own crafts.

The pictures above and below are a lunch box from  a store called Afternoon Tea in Nagoya, Japan.  Each container has small partitions , and the three boxes can be stacked and tied with a belt.  I can’t wait to go on a picnic with Cocoa and Haru with this lunch box full of food in the summer.


I found another pretty shop called “On and Off” at Odawara in Japan.  I bought two pairs of chopsticks.

image  image

These are cup cake holders with pink and blue polka dots.  Another one has a Paris themed design. I bought them to use for my needle felt crafts.



This schedule notebook with a buffalo check cover was a gift from my friend.  There are all kinds of cover designs and are very popular in Japan.

image image

Finally, this small pouch with a metal frame and a strap was found in a small shop in Kyoto, close to the Kiyomizu temple. There were many pretty items in the store but I picked this pouch.  I think it is very simple, but colorful and elegant at the same time.

image image

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