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Home Again Vol. 4 Odaiba de Sushi


On our final day in Japan we stayed in Odaiba in Tokyo.  Odaiba is a popular spot for shopping and entertainment on a manmade island in Tokyo Bay.  There are many tourists and they can enjoy shopping, walking by the ocean, and many other seasonal events.  Although Odaiba is in Tokyo, we were able to relax and enjoyed staying there, compared to the much more crowded Harajuku, Shibuya, and Shinjuku.  At night we could see the rainbow bridge and Tokyo tower lit up from the hotel we stayed at.  It was a gorgeous view!  There was even a small Statue of Liberty by the ocean.



In Odaiba, we had sushi and sashimi.    This is a bowl of rice and different kinds of sashimi on top of the rice.  It is called “kaisen don” in Japanese. Tuna, shrimp, and yellow tail!


We also enjoyed eating sushi.  Salmon, Unagi (eel), Amaebi (shrimp), California roll, and Otoro (the fattiest portion of tuna).  Otoro just melted in my mouth and was very delicious.

image image image image image

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