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Picnic with Cocoa and Haru


It was a perfect sunny day.  I took out the picnic containers I bought in Japan and started preparing a picnic lunch.  These containers were showed in the “Pretty Zakka”post.  I made fried chicken, potato salad, tamagoyaki (Japanese style omelette), green beans wrapped in bacon, and rice balls.  I added some strawberries and grapes as well.  When I was packing the lunch I tried to color coordinate the foods to the color of the lunch boxes.


My husband and I took Cocoa and Haru to the park for a picnic.  On the way to the park, we dropped by our favorite bakery (Bakery Nouveau) to grab a few pastries and coffee.


I wish Cocoa and Haru would go and play while we enjoyed our lunch but they kept staying by us on the mat , hoping they would get some food.

image image

Lots of sunshine, good food, and playing with Cocoa and Haru made for a fun and relaxing day!




  1. No food for dogs? 😢 you don’t have to take Haru for class. Just take her outside more often to meet other dogs. She will feel more comfortable to meet other dogs.


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