Weekend Trip to Vashon Island

It takes 20 minutes from Seattle to Vashon Island by ferry. It’s a small quiet town with lots of nature and this is a perfect place if you want to relax in the weekend. The sky was gray and the wind was cold, but that is Seattle weather in winter. My husband and I took a small bag and our two dogs in our car and headed to the ferry terminal.
we enjoyed watching snowy Olympic National Park mountains, a famous light house, cute small shops and a cafe in the island.

The lodge we stayed was a simple modern interior and very cozy and comfortable place. I immediately switched on a fire place and relax in a warm living area. We enjoyed dinner from a Mexican restaurant and watched a football game. Our dogs were as usual, Cocoa explored every corner of the lodge and found his favorite place to sleep. Haru was nervous being in unfamiliar place and kept walking. We took a walk around the lodge to take some pictures. I read my favorite book and did yoga.
This is not like Disneyland but you can relax, be calm and enjoy nature.