What I Love in Snow Day

The snow started falling last night and I saw a winter wonderland from my window when I woke up this morning. We don’t have much snow in Seattle and this is a big snow day for everyone. Although snow was still falling, people and dogs were out playing in the snow. Our miniature dachshund, Cocoa and Haru are not so sure about snow. Their legs are too short to play in the deep snow. So my husband and I decided to leave them in a warm bed and headed to out for an adventure in the snow.

I wanted to go a lake or a beach to see a snow view but it was risky to drive there so we just took a walk around our neighborhood. We went to a college campus where we often take our dogs. This campus is a nice size to walk around and we can enjoy a variety of plants and trees. There is a modern architecture church and other beautiful campus buildings.

The whole campus was covered with fresh snow and it was so beautiful. I took some pictures and found a dead hydrangeas. The brown colored tiny flowers were so pretty in the white background. I’m took it and tried to take some pictures. There is a reflection pond in front of the church and it was half frozen. I gentry placed the dead flower on the surface and found it so beautiful. When I walk with my camera, there is a moment which I randomly discovered something to take a picture and it turned really good. That is one of my happiest moment.

We took some more pictures and headed to my favorite doughnut shop. It would be nice to have a cup of coffee and a doughnut in a warm house after walking in the snow, but I found the empty glass case in the shop. A guy who was behind the counter said “no doughnut today, but you can get a coffee”. I was disappointed but we decided to make a nice grilled sandwich for lunch and we got piccolo combo bread and chicken salad in a market. At home, we added whatever we have like baby spinach and shredded cheese to make sandwich. After grilled the sandwich turned golden and crisp with melted cheese.

My husband and I ate warm sandwich with a cup of coffee. The snow was still falling outside of the window, and everything was white and pretty. We enjoyed watching a beautiful snow view in our warm kitchen and talked about the morning walk in the snow and the pictures we took. I love to experience snow by seeing, touching, smelling, taking pictures. Then I love to have a hot cocoa or coffee in a warm place with beautiful snow view, of course. A small happiness in snow day.







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