The Day I Think of My Aunt

March 3rd is Girls Day in my country, Japan. This is the day to celebrate girls for their good health and happy life. We decorate Hina dolls in the house for this day. I have my own Hina dolls which was a gift from my aunt when I was little. The dolls are very small and I wanted bigger dolls which my friends had back then. However, I thought these tiny dolls are very special and I became to love them when I got older. I think of my aunt when I see Hina dolls.

My aunt was a career woman and never married. She built a big house and took care of her parents/my grandparents there. Since she had money and time, she often went to a trip to America or Europe and always brought me a gift from different countries. This was in 1970s and there weren’t many people to go on a trip abroad around me, so my aunt was really cool to me. I loved to hear the story of English guard soldiers in London or a sculpture in a French museum. Her souvenirs are a Holland doll wearing a traditional costume, a beautiful scarf, a beautiful peacock image on leather, and so on. One time, I remember that my mother and I went to Haneda airport with my aunt to see her off to another trip to abroad. It was really cool to ride a monorail and I was so fascinated with the city view to see from high up in the monorail.

The Hina dolls always made me think how she was generous and kind. Since she was single and had no her own child, she might love me as her own child. Maybe because I was her first niece out of 3 nieces and 7 nephews. It passed many years since then and I now live in America. Although my daughter left home and live independently, I decorate Hina dolls every year to celebrate and pray for my daughter’s good health and happiness and thank my aunt who gave me these beautiful Hina dolls.







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