Sunday Farmers Market

There is a Sunday farmers market in my neighborhood through the year.  There are vendors of produce, cheese, flowers, baking, and more.  There is a musician who plays a violin so the people can enjoy music while they check each vendor to shop.  It’s a nice place to shop, meet people, eat lunch, or just enjoy fresh air.  

During the pandemic, this farmers market was greatly impacted like any other businesses.  There was no farmers market for a long time and even more the small business were severely damaged by some violent protesters.  It was so sad to see those business owners were suffered from the pandemic and the violence.  The windows of a coffee shop I go were shattered and many small shops I go were boarded up to protect the property.  Everything was changed by the pandemic, but the hardest time passed and a lot of businesses started to open gradually.  The farmers market in my neighborhood was one of them.

The farmers market was relocated a few blocks from the old location.  I think this new location is much better than before.  The south side of the market is a park.  There are new apartment buildings and the market was in a courtyard surrounded by the buildings.  It’s a nice open area and many vendors can fit there.  There are benches for the people to have coffee or lunch.  I saw many people shopping vegetables, fruits, or flowers.  Some vendors have a long line with many people.  I saw many friendly dogs too.  And I saw the same musician who plays a violin!

I feel so happy to see people enjoy shopping in the farmers market again.  I feel peoples energy and happiness too.  This is a very important place not only for shopping but also for a community to connect each other.  We will have a very nice weather in July and August, and I look forward to going to the farmers market with my dogs this summer. 






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