Hello! Welcome to Kokobiyori!

My name is Sachie, and I live with my husband and two wiener dogs, Cocoa and Haru. I live in a city but it is surrounded by a lot of nature such as lakes, parks, mountains, and beaches. I love to walk with my husband and dogs in a park eating a croissant from my favorite bakery. I love taking pictures to catch a special moment. I love my husband’s homemade cooking. I love sewing, knitting, screen printing, card making, which led me to open my craft store Kokobiyori on Etsy until 2020. And I LOVE Paris! As so many women’s dream, I want to visit Paris someday.

This is my every day life and share a small happiness I find with you! I would love to share my future experience in Paris sometime soon!

ようこそKokobiyoriへ! 私の住む街は都会でありながら周りが自然に囲まれた所です。湖や公園、山や海も近くてアウトドアスポーツがとても盛んです。週に何日か夫と二匹のミニダックスの愛犬とお気に入りのパン屋さんでカリカリのクロワッサンとコーヒーをテイクアウトして公園を散歩するのが大好きです。その他にも写真を撮ったり、夫の作るおうちご飯、クラフトをしたり、雑貨屋巡りをするのが大好きです。そしていつか多くの女性が憧れるように私もパリに行ってみたいと思います。



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