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Plaid Patterned Lunch Bags

These are insulated lunch bags that I made which are perfect to hold containers, snacks, and fruits.  I made a similar one for my daughter that she brings to schools everyday.  There is a strap over the top of the bag so that the contents don’t fall out.  … Read More

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Spring Tote Bag – Part 2

This is another tote bag I made, which is similar to the bag I posted in Spring Tote Bag.  This time, I used a fabric with a plant pattern and purple fabric. This bag has also two small pockets and a magnet clasp inside.

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Home Again – Vol. 3 Pretty Zakka

  While I stayed in Japan, I visited many stores that sell “zakka”.  “Zakka” are small household and interior design items in categories such as  the kitchen, bathroom, stationary,  crafts, fashion, etc.  They are all so pretty, of good quality and design, and very functional.  Just looking at them makes me happy and always inspires… Read More

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Spring Tote Bag

Spring has come, at least in the Pacific Northwest!  For my next project I searched for brightly colored, elaborately patterned fabrics to mix and match.  I found two blue patterned fabrics and made a tote bag.  The bag is big enough to carry a purse, a phone, as… Read More

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Crochet Pillows

For my next crafting project, I made pillow cases which have fabric pattern on one side and crochet on the other side. I learned how to knit before crochet, but I always thought that crochet was very pretty.  I started making simple scarfs and small bags with crochet.  For the… Read More

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Blue Birds Coin Case

I This is another coin case that I made using the same fabric for the pot holders and the triangle shaped pouches from posts in the past.  The inside is lined with a blue bird colored fabric. The weather in Seattle recently, has been beautiful,… Read More

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Piggy Coin Case!

This adorable fabric with little colorful pigs all over it, is extremely versatile, and this time, I decided to make a coin purse with it. The outside is covered with the little pig fabric, while the inside is lined with a red polka dot fabric.… Read More

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Tea Time Decor

A few years ago, my friend gave me a set of beautiful tea cups.  We have enjoyed everything from green tea to black tea, to coffee in those cups.  For me, it is quite enjoyable to have tea in such a beautiful cup because it relaxes me from a stressful day.  To make tea time… Read More