Piggy Coin Case!


This adorable fabric with little colorful pigs all over it, is extremely versatile, and this time, I decided to make a coin purse with it. The outside is covered with the little pig fabric, while the inside is lined with a red polka dot fabric. I think that this coin case is not only useful for small amounts of pocket change, but is charming and eye catching as well.




Hinamatsuri – A Celebration for Young Girls


Spring is just around the corner and March 3rd is Hinamatsuri – Girl’s day in which people celebrate and pray for young girl’s growth and happiness in Japan.  When a baby girl is born, her family buys Hina dolls which are displayed with  five or seven tiers where on the top step are the Emperor and Empress.  The dolls in the pictures were given to me by my aunt.  When I was a child, most of my friends had a big set of dolls which even reached six feet tall, and I remember I wanted a bigger one like my friend’s.  Mine is a miniature set of dolls that can be placed on a table.  However, as I got older, I thought the intricate details of the dolls and accessories like the pink cheeks, lanterns, and musical instruments were unique and special and I came to like my Hina dolls very much.



When my daughter was born, I passed my Hina Dolls on to her.  As March 3rd approaches, I display these dolls with spring flowers to symbolize good health and happiness for my daughter.

 image  image

This year, I also made Hina dolls with origami paper, with design instructions that I found on the internet.  The dolls are very beautiful and simplistic, but were actually very difficult to fold.


I hope that girls around the world enjoy good health and happiness.




Hana, Totoro, and Friends!



I made a needle felted dog named Hana.  I made a dress for her with green lace trim and yellow shoes with hearts on them.  On her back, I attached a flower shaped button.

image  image

image  image

These three needle felted creatures are the famous Totoro and friends.  They were created by my daughter’s friend as a Christmas gift.  The three of them together makes for an adorable trio.


image  image

Crochet Mini Bags


These crochet mini bags are the perfect size for daily handheld things, like snacks, lunches,  phones, or cosmetics.  I bought 3 different kinds of yarn; green, orange, and ivory of 100% Peruvian Highland Wool to make bags in each colour.  As I was making the crochet bag, I realized I did not have enough yarn, so I decided to combine the colours.

This is a star shaped crochet stitch, so a star shaped pattern can be seen in the bag.


The insides of the bags are lined with similarly coloured fabric and Kokobiyori’s logo.




Besides the crochet mini bags, I made a crochet doughnut shaped pillow for Haru, which she loves!       As I was making the mini bags, she was lying on the pillow keeping me company.




Hand Warmers – Part 2


This is my second post about hand warmers. After knitting my last pair, I decided to try out three new designs. One is grey, another is orange and yellow patterned, and another is an ivory color with eyelet stitches.

I like to knit hand warmers because I don’t need much yarn to make a pair and it only takes a few hours to make.  Once I decide the design, I can knit hand warmers in various colors.

image image


I especially like the off white colour because it gives the essence the snow.



Thank You and Happy New Year!


It has been almost  2 months since I started my blog, Koko and Haru – Kokobiyori.  I have posted about the crafts I made, the foods I’ve enjoyed and the places I have discovered.  I have also discovered other people’s wonderful blogs and it quite a joy to read them. Thank you for viewing, liking, and commenting on my posts.  It means a lot to me and constantly encourages me and inspires me to keep pursuing my passions through my blog.  I look forward to blogging Koko and Haru – Kokobiyori in 2015.

Thank you very much and Happy New Year!

image  image


Quilted Pot Holders

pot holder 7

Since I craft often, I have many left over fabric scraps. Although they are small, they have patterns that are much too cute to throw away. After a bit of brainstorming, I decided to make quilted pot holders with the leftover fabric. I sorted the fabrics by color and matched them with complementing patterns.  This trial and error process of matching different swatches of colors and designs is one my favorite parts of crafting.

I made two kinds of pot holders; one with pink flowers and polka dots on brown fabrics and another with an herb pattern and blue polka dots on green fabrics.   One side of the pot holder has a pocket so that I can insert my hand to hold a pan.  I included my “Kokobiyori” logo and attached a ribbon in the corner so that I can hang the holder on the side of the refrigerator.

The pot holder was easy to make, and became adorable Christmas presents for my friends.

image  pot holder 6

pot holder 4 pot holder 3

image pot holder 1

The Moomin House and Other Little Paper Crafts

moonmin 2

When I was a child, I loved crafting with little papers.  My grandma made small umbrellas with cigarette packages and my mother taught me how to make the classic paper crane with origami paper.  I made hundreds of adorable little paper cranes and flowers.  I measured and cut construction paper to make paper chains for my birthday party.  I drew princesses and cut them out to make paper dolls.  Nowadays, there are so many beautifully designed papers in craft stores, right at our fingertips, just waiting for me to start crafting things like handmade cards, scrapbooks, and ornaments. Like every Christmas season, I went to a craft store and bought some beautiful Christmas themed papers to get in the holiday spirit.

card 2-2            moomin 5

moomin 4

I was inspired to make this blue house with a red roof by thinking of Moomin troll’s house.  Moomin troll is the main character in the Moomin books by Tove Jansson.  There was a TV animation of Moomin that I watched when I was a child.  Since I was young, I didn’t fully understand the story or the context, but the animations were beautiful and I remembered exquisite details, like the style of Moomin’s house.  The Moomin house and other little houses are perfect Christmas decorations for the mantle.

moomin 1

My good friend who loves making cards lent me a die cut machine, with a variety of shaped dies.  I cut out different shapes using this machine from the patterned papers.  I thought that the cut outs were the perfect size to assemble some mobiles, so I made one with butterflies and another with whales.  Not only are they adorable, they intrigued Haru as well!

mobile 5  mobile 1

mobile 2mobile 4

mobile 3


Hand Knit Leg Warmers


Living in a city, I walk everywhere; to the Sunday Market, the café, the library, the park.  It is fun to simply walk around the city in search of a new shop or to go on a picnic with Cocoa and Haru in spring and summertime.  It is, of course, not as much as fun in the very cold winter.  Although we don’t have much snow, it is very wet and windy.  Therefore, I love wearing boots in the wintertime because they keep me warm and dry.  To dress up a simple pair of boots, I knitted leg warmers (brown with white lace & white with pink lace and white pon-pon) to match my boots.  This is one of my small tricks to make the cold wintertime a little more enjoyable.

DSC_0701       DSC_0710

white leg warmer 2      white leg warmer 1

white leg warmer 4 brown leg warmer



Snow Bunnies

snow bunny 6

The winter wind is picking up outside my window, as the leaves fall from the trees, leaving them bare. The snow bunnies I needle felted in the summertime have finally woken up from a long, deep sleep in my studio.  This is Ella and she is sweet and kind, and she loves books.  After walking in the fresh snow every morning, she snuggles in a cozy place and dives into a good story.

snow bunny 5

This is Mila who loves to sing.  In the snow, little birds follow her, as they sing together.

snow bunny 4

Finally, this is Chloe.  She was in my first post of this blog, just saying hello.  She has jut gotten her new mittens and she loves to play outside in the snow all day long with the squirrels.

I like to think of all my needle felted creations as my little friends, so I decided to write this post in this way. I hope you enjoyed it!