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A Very Special Dinner

Grilled chicken with a red wine sauce and salad My teenage daughter made a special dinner for me and my husband’s anniversary.  My husband who has a passion for food always watches the food network on TV with my daughter.  Recently, she has been very interested in cooking… Read More

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Picnic with Cocoa and Haru

It was a perfect sunny day.  I took out the picnic containers I bought in Japan and started preparing a picnic lunch.  These containers were showed in the “Pretty Zakka”post.  I made fried chicken, potato salad, tamagoyaki (Japanese style omelette), green beans wrapped in bacon, and rice balls.  I added some strawberries… Read More

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Home Again Vol. 4 Odaiba de Sushi

On our final day in Japan we stayed in Odaiba in Tokyo.  Odaiba is a popular spot for shopping and entertainment on a manmade island in Tokyo Bay.  There are many tourists and they can enjoy shopping, walking by the ocean, and many other seasonal events.  Although Odaiba is in Tokyo, we… Read More

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Favorite Place for Brunch

Portage Bay is one of my favorite restaurants for breakfast and brunch.  This restaurant is in the Eastlake area located north of downtown Seattle and is close to Lake Union.  It is in a developing area, with new office buildings, apartments, and restaurants.  Portage Bay is a very… Read More