An Early Morning Hike


Sunday mornings are one of the only times that I can sleep late and eat a big breakfast.  I like to stay at home and spend the day crafting.  However, my daughter wanted to go hiking because it was going to be another beautiful sunny day.  The forecast predicted a 90 F day so we decided to go hiking early in the morning , when the air would still be cool and crisp and we could be able to avoid the crowds.

We headed to the Twin Falls trail, located about 45 minutes drive east from Seattle.  It was around 9 am when we started to hike and there weren’t many people on the trail.  As we expected, the morning air was cool and fresh.  It was a perfectly sunny day but the trail was in the shade and the sun beams that came down from in between the tree branches were beautiful.

imageWe saw a few chipmunks during the hike.  They are so tiny and cute, and they were moving so fast but somehow my husband managed to take a few pictures of them.

image image

At the end of the trail we could see two waterfalls that were very beautiful.

At first, I was reluctant to give up my lazy Sunday routine and go hiking, but it was very refreshing and energizing!