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2 Years with Haru

It has been almost 2 years since Haru(Koharu) came into our lives and became the youngest member of our family. She is a miniature dachshund with shaded cream long hair.  Unlike Cocoa, our first dog, she has a very strong personality.  She is very carefree and doesn’t usually pay… Read More

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A Very Special Dinner

Grilled chicken with a red wine sauce and salad My teenage daughter made a special dinner for me and my husband’s anniversary.  My husband who has a passion for food always watches the food network on TV with my daughter.  Recently, she has been very interested in cooking… Read More

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Happy Summer!

Summer is just around the corner!  Recently we have had warm sunny days in Seattle, and we are enjoying the rare sunshine. I channeled my excitement for the summer into these cards that I made with patterned paper of yellow and orange hues. These cards embody… Read More

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Spring Tote Bag – Part 2

This is another tote bag I made, which is similar to the bag I posted in Spring Tote Bag.  This time, I used a fabric with a plant pattern and purple fabric. This bag has also two small pockets and a magnet clasp inside.

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Picnic with Cocoa and Haru

It was a perfect sunny day.  I took out the picnic containers I bought in Japan and started preparing a picnic lunch.  These containers were showed in the “Pretty Zakka”post.  I made fried chicken, potato salad, tamagoyaki (Japanese style omelette), green beans wrapped in bacon, and rice balls.  I added some strawberries… Read More

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Home Again Vol. 4 Odaiba de Sushi

On our final day in Japan we stayed in Odaiba in Tokyo.  Odaiba is a popular spot for shopping and entertainment on a manmade island in Tokyo Bay.  There are many tourists and they can enjoy shopping, walking by the ocean, and many other seasonal events.  Although Odaiba is in Tokyo, we… Read More

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Home Again – Vol. 3 Pretty Zakka

  While I stayed in Japan, I visited many stores that sell “zakka”.  “Zakka” are small household and interior design items in categories such as  the kitchen, bathroom, stationary,  crafts, fashion, etc.  They are all so pretty, of good quality and design, and very functional.  Just looking at them makes me happy and always inspires… Read More

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Spring Tote Bag

Spring has come, at least in the Pacific Northwest!  For my next project I searched for brightly colored, elaborately patterned fabrics to mix and match.  I found two blue patterned fabrics and made a tote bag.  The bag is big enough to carry a purse, a phone, as… Read More

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Favorite Place for Brunch

Portage Bay is one of my favorite restaurants for breakfast and brunch.  This restaurant is in the Eastlake area located north of downtown Seattle and is close to Lake Union.  It is in a developing area, with new office buildings, apartments, and restaurants.  Portage Bay is a very… Read More