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Patterned Triangle Pouch

When my friend went to Japan for 3 weeks to spend time with her family, she brought back an adorable little gift for me.  It was a small package containing fabric and instructions for making a small triangle shaped pouch.  The pouch I made was very tiny (about 1 1/2 inches long on… Read More

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Teal Blue Hand Warmer

When the colored leaves begin to fall, I know that the hand warmer season has begun.  Unlike structured gloves or mittens, the hand warmer allows for more flexibility.  Without taking them off, I can pay a cashier using my credit card or pick up the bills and coins from my wallet.  I can… Read More

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Shall We Have GreenTea and Dango?

  It’s 3 o’clock and tea time!  Shall we have a cup of green tea and dango? Dango is a Japanese sweet dumpling made from mochiko (rice flour).  It tastes like mochi but is not as sticky and pairs perfectly with green tea.  The flavor in the picture above is called “mitarashi… Read More